I think everybody heard about WordPress login tips. It is when WordPress shows what’s wrong with your credentials while you are logging in. For example, your username is correct, but something wrong with your password! It makes your profile easier to hack. Bellow, you can see how it look like:

What to do?

To remove this there are few ways: add a special script or download a special plugin. That’s your choice! And I will show you two of them!

Method 1: Add a special script

We’ll make a small plugin and add it to the WordPress.

  1. Create a file wp-tips-remove.php
  2. Add this code to the file:[code lang=”php”]<?php
    /* Plugin Name: WP security fixes Description: Site specific code changes */
    function no_wordpress_errors(){ return ‘Something is wrong!’; }
    add_filter( ‘login_errors’, ‘no_wordpress_errors’ );
  3. Then you need to upload it via FTP to the /wp-content/plugins or if you can’t you can make an archiveĀ (.zip). And upload it via WordPress plugin upload on the admin panel.

Method 2: Plugin from the Internet

In that case, I recommend you iThemes security! It is a very good and free plugin with tons of functions. It will make your website safe and clear. It can help you to: protect your login page, make a security check, make a database backup, help to remove brute force, make a stable SSL connection, and of course help to remove a login tips. You can find this plugin on WordPress plugins website.

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