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Protecting site/server from DDoS attacks

Cloudflare background

A lot of people sometimes hear about DDoS attacks. It’s when the attacker creates a network of computers, and every computer sends some data to your server every second or even less. And then server starts to lag, and after 2 minutes it would just stop working.

Attempt to block that people using webserver script, like with PHP script not so good idea. For example, simple script  “Hello world!” will take 100% of RAM, when the DDoS attack will happen. That´s why I recommend DNS filtering using CloudFlare. It has a free tariff, for basic security, it is quite good!

So, as I said Cloudflare is DDoS protection service, working using DNS filtering, and one of the good sides of this service it’s a lot of settings, so you can configure it easily and however, you want. Adding the site is quite easy, so you just need to sign up, then add your domain, it would scan your DNS  records and copy it, after that, you would need to change DNS nameservers to their once on your domain provider’s site. And you have to know, that Cloudflare, will take all of your DNS data, and if you want to edit your DNS you would need to go to the CloudFlare -> DNS, to change it. And also when you will add a DNS record, don’t forget to click the button “DNS and HTTP proxy (CDN)” (available only with A, AAAA and CNAME records), it means, that all traffic would go through their CDN, if you wouldn’t click there, CloudFlare wouldn’t protect you properly. Oh yeah, and CloudFlare will hide your IP address,  so nobody wouldn’t be able to see it (tested on my server)!

So, after that, it will be hard to hack you. Maybe you liked it, if yes link is here.

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