In that post I would like to tell you about few Git services: GitHub, BitBucket and GitLab. A lot of people know only GitHub, but it isn’t only one.

1) GitHub. One of the most popular Git services, which you can find in a lot of programmers profiles or other sites. GitHub has a lot of users, and of course it’s a big plus, so it has big community, wikis and service integrations. But unfortunately, that service isn’t completely free, I mean if you want to create private project, you need to pay, I don’t know is it good for you or not, but for me it’s not small minus (when I was writing that post it was 5$).

2) BitBucket is the second by popularity service, it has the same futures as GitHub, but it allows to create private repositories for FREE. And unfortunately here I found small minus, that BitBucket is free only for personal using or groups only up to 5 people.

3) GitLab is very good services for me it’s the best one. That’s completely free service for groups of all sizes or for personal using. And one big plus, that they have free server edition. And unfortunately without minuses cannot be everything, and here it’s not so big popular like as in GitHub or BitBucket, and it makes a bit hard situation to find desktop client for it (like GitHub desktop).

Conclusion: Each service is good, but I recommend you GitLab that’s the best solution for private and public repositories. But if you are just open source developer, I recommend you GitHub (It has good index, so it will be easier to find your project). For example I am using two services, for my open source projects I am using GitHub, but for private GitLab ( I have more private projects, so most of time I am using GitLab). Of course, now it’s your choice what to choose!

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