When you have a domain, it is really good and cool to have an email like [email protected] And rest of services are not for free, so if you don’t want to spend your money for it I will tell you how to do that, which services are free.

1) Yandex.Mail

Yandex Mail is completely free service, based in Russia. They will give you up to 1000 email addresses, 10GB of cloud, and access to API.



2) Zoho Mail

Zoho is online service for business, it has very good collaboration system. They provide free and paid services like web-conferences online, CRM and many others. Most of their services you can use for free. Mail limit is up to 25 emails for free, and actually you can get more, using their referral program (so, it’s like you give somebody 5 users using your referral link, and you receive plus 5 users) using your referral program you can receive plus 25 users maximum. If you want to receive few users for free, you can go on my referral link below >>link<<.



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