Few days ago, I was having some problems with Android screen locker. It sounds strange, but yes, with Android screen locker (it was Android 4.4).

Everything happened long time before, when, for example, I was listening to music. But I was so lazy to find solution, so, I just left it. After few months it became annoying. Every time, suddenly, my screen, which I locked, started flashing and then message “android.system.ui crash”. 

Of course, I thought, that music app, which I’m using isn’t so good, and I wrote bad review to this app on the Google Play. Later I downloaded new application for music, and again that problem! And only after that, I understood, that problem in my phone. After checking all parameters I figured out, that screen flashes, ONLY, when screen protected by PIN or password, otherwise it works perfectly! As a developer, I wanted to tell that story to Google, in their’s issues tracker. Answer was weird “We won’t fix it”. 

For me it was so weird, I need password on screen locker, and in the same time I don’t want my phone crashing every time. Solution was interesting! I disabled standard screen locker, and I found 3rd party. It was “CM Locker” (you can try to find something else). So, when phone starts it boot special application, which blocks my screen.

This application has so many futures! But mostly I like a function “Who snooped my device”, which takes a selfie of person, who wrote password 3 times incorrectly. So, nice application! And unfortunately only one thing, which can help me!

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