Hot summer will be soon, and keyword here is “hot”, everyone knows that working in high temperature isn’t so productive and sometimes impossible! When I was thinking​ about it, I decided to make small DIY ventilation system, which I can place on my desk. It will help to be alive! And in that post I will show you, how can you do that. I used only details from old stuff, you can try to find something too! If you won’t find anything, max. price for that stuff will be around 15$.

To make it we need:

  • Motors for ventilators, with max power value 5V, 2 pcs
  • Propellers, which we will put on motors 2pcs
  • AC adapter with output 5v and powerful 2A, to give power to motors
  • Switch, to turn on or turn off our system
  • Wires 1 meter
  • Base, we will close connection of wires there
  • Soldering iron
  • Our hands 🙂


1 step: Preparing wires and cutting isolation of wires

First you need to cut our 1 meter wire on 0,5 meter (half). Then we need to cut the isolation, it’s very easy, that’s why I won’t explain a lot. Just cut about 0,5 cm of isolation on endings of each wire, then you need to do the same things with AC adapter’s​ wire.

2 step: Soldering power

Now you need to solder contact “-” of power with “-” of other two wires.

3 step: Soldering switch

To solder switch is very easy, you can see that it has 3 contacts, to connect two wires throw the switch you need to solder power contact on first contact of switch, and motors wire to second one (It doesn’t depend of rotation, how will you hold the switch).

4 step: Soldering the motors
Now last step. So, you need to connect first wire to one motor and other to another one.

5 step: Finish

Now you can put the place, where wires of motors connected to the power and switch inside something.


So, we built our ventilation system. Looks a bit dangerous 🙂 , but it works, and works perfectly! In final you can put that motors with propellers on some platform (Like put it in plastic cup).

Total price:
FREE 🙂 . Every detail I found in old electronics. So, it’s like cooling system made from waste!

Now hot summer isn’t scary for you (and for me too)! Any questions? I can answer you in comments!

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